Serpent Spells – Mantras Within Ascending Fire

serpents_spells_cover The whole concept behind blackened death metal is to combine something raw (the black) and something brutal (the death) in order to create something that could peel away the rotting earth itself. And there’s not much “diversity” amongst the bands that claim to be blackened death but sometimes all you need to be is just ahead of the curb in terms of how well you sound to really set yourselves apart from the rest. Serpent Spells definitely prove themselves to be such a band with their upcoming EP “Mantras Within Ascending Fire”.

I’m a real sucker for whenever bands manage to sneak in any sort of rhythm or hooks into their own formulas while making it work at the same time. Serpent Spells pulls of that little favorite of mine excellently well as all throughout the four tracks held within “Mantras Within Ascending Fire” (not including the intro track) as the piercing guitars, rampaging bass, and ridiculously fast drums have a ridiculous sound when paired together to create this sound that has a very intriguing rhythm going on in the background while still bringing the intensity that the cover art promises you. The real kicker for me though has to be the sheer intensity of the vocals as through each track they carry a real sense of brutality that never lets up even for a moment so long as they can keep going, and the whole time they sound fucking amazing without losing a single iota of their awesomeness for even a moment. Serpent Spells even manages to perfect the use of longer songs (5+ minutes) that if left in less capable hands would sound drawn out, boring, or just not right at all, but no such thing occurs within “Mantras Within Ascending Fire” as everything flows very nicely and keep the interest factor very high throughout the whole album. With an overwhelming and awesome sense of brutality that never ceases, of course. And by the end of the EP, you’ll be left wanting to go back through the fiery rhythms, massive sounds, and the undeniable beast that the record simply is, which is something that not every band can recreate but Serpents Fire pulled it off magnificently with this record.

If you are a fan of blackened death metal and have been looking for any essential albums of the genre to listen to so far this year, then you cannot pass up “Mantras Within Ascending Fire” because it is simply one of the more high quality albums of the its genre, and I can promise you that will get plenty to enjoy out of this as I did.

“Mantras Within Ascending Fire” releases in May! 

LISTEN to the single “Piercing the Cervix of Nehemah” on SoundCloud here or below

LIKE Serpent Spells on Facebook here.


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