Godless – Centuries of Decadence

Godless - Centuries of Decadence (Death Metal) - cover The idea of a super group is what? There’s no idea, really, just people from “well known” bands coming together to create a band of their own that is anticipated to make awesome shit because the musicians are all known to be good or better. Have I ever heard of Godless or any of their members? Nope, never, but why’s that a reason to stop from checking out this group. And let me just tell you that this Indian band in particular puts the “super” in super group one thousand fold.

A new, slightly different sound to anything is always welcome if you ask me, and that goes especially well for death metal as there’s tons and tons of bands who’ve done all the sounds you can fathom. So reading the word “new” in anything regarding death metal makes people (or maybe it’s just me!) have a little unenthusiastic sigh come out as most of the time it’s a band trying too hard and ending up sounding like absolute shit. Godless however is  no such band and their debut album, “Centuries of Decadence”, is a far cry from absolute shit, so far I don’t think they’re in the same dimension. The four tracks off of this EP show great promise as not only do everything from the monstrous vocals to the excellently well done sound, but just the composure, rhythms, and textures laid throughout “Centuries of Decadence” create an experience that as an avid fan of the metal of death I found extremely entertaining, refreshing, and an overall fantastic experience. Each track has its own piece of awesomeness whether it be head banging riffs, vicious sudden bursts of speed, an undeniable feel, or just straight up fantastic musicianship that succeeds in pulling you in more than what most other bands fail to do for even a moment. “Centuries of Decadence” is just front to back, start to finish, riff to breakdown an amazingly well done piece of death metal in which Godless took what they know of the genre, made a few tweaks, added their own little touches, and popped out this monster of an album that will without a doubt grasp the attention of everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it when it comes out.

Godless have created a piece that you’d be hard pressed to find from many of those unknown super groups (there’s probably a fuck ton of them) that claim to be better because they have supposedly great musicians in the band, but “Centuries of Decadence” is cold hard proof that Godless truly fit the super group bill and that they are here to absolutely rip everything we know to shreds.

“Centuries of Decadence” releases on May 7th!

LISTEN to the track “Infest” via Bandcamp here, and the teaser for the album via YouTube below.

LIKE Godless on Facebook here.


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