Gorgosaur – Lurking Among Corpses

Gorgosaur-LurkingAmongCorpses Death metal is such a wide genre with as more bands than could create their own country should they all decide to live amongst each in the same area. And with so many groups trying to be progressive, new, and/or “friendly” with death metal it’s inevitable that bands will want to sound as old school and as intense as possible while still sounding grand in every way. Gorgosaur are one such band who as brutal as can be and have a massive presence to match.

The term “gorgosaur” itself refers to a genus of dinosaurs that were related to the renowned Tyrannosaurus Rex, however smaller in overall size. It’s a very odd fit for this Swedish band if I do say so myself as this duo – duo – has only put out this magnificent record and a demo two years ago. “Lurking Among Corpses” has a real monstrous sound that eats away at your flesh with each savage riff and malicious beat of the rhythm. If that impeccable cover art doesn’t allude to how raw and unkempt Gorgosaur pulled off this record then maybe their intelligence to keep the slightest hint of conformity and structure to give “Lurking Among Corpses” that special touch that many death bands fail to recreate as they just try to sound loud and vicious and nothing else, but Gorgosaur prove to be above and beyond such run-of-the-mill groups. Vocals that could peel metal into paper thin layers, guitars and a bass the likes of which could crack the earth and raise the dead, and drums that are simply the doldrums of the end of all light and existence appear within the depths of “Lurking Among Corpses” because it is an ugly, brutal, and something that truly punches your lights out through all ten tracks until at the very end you’re left as a bleeding mass of flesh and bone that only wants more.

Gorgosaur show that just because they haven’t been around for that long or have put out a lot of releases they have got one of the many successful death metal formulas down pat, and they are going to use it expertly. “Lurking Among Corpses” is a piece of death metal straight from the crypts and one that I cannot help but suggest to every fan of old school death metal as Gorgosaur are just what you are looking for.

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