Gojira – Stranded (single)

gojiramagmacd I feel it’s safe to say that plenty of if not most of progressive metal fans can find fuck tons enjoyment out of the excellence that Gojira have managed to put out in their legendary career. Talking about topics that few wish to even think about alongside side an increasingly impressive display of power, they never cease to amaze. Now, their brand new single of “Stranded” prove that they are nowhere near done.

The first thing I think of when I think of Gojira is their massive amount of uncompromising riffs and hooks that draw you in before punching your fucking lights out. That is exactly what happens in the beginning of “Stranded”. Exploring the fret boards in ways I never fathomed, the guitars have a magnificent sound that’s backed up by simply impeccable bass and drums to create this true head-banger rhythm that you could only expect from a band with such a repertoire. Then are just absolutely slapped across the fucking face by the vocals that have a fantastic sound to them as always, and (as always) have the heaviest of themes within the lyrics they spout, but I’ll let you decipher the meaning on your own time. This whole song is a great return to awesomeness that we’ve been wanting ever since Gojira put out their last album, and if “Stranded” is anything to go off of “Magma” will be one of those albums that everyone is going to want to check out. “Stranded” has an immensely strong presence that cannot be suppressed with its magnificent power.

I am all but excited for “Stranded” as it will be the first new album I’ve heard from Gojira since I’ve become a fan of these Frenchmen. This is a magnificent sample that I will definitely have on repeat in the coming months as we all wait for “Magma” which I’ve no doubt in my mind will be fucking amazing.

“Magma” releases on June 17th!

PRE-ORDER “Magma” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Stranded” via YouTube here or below.

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