UADA – Devoid of Light

a2842946896_10 I’m a firm believer that a good cover art leads to a good album. Not always the case, but more times that not that’s the case for me. So seeing the gloriously ominous and dreadful cover of UADA’s debut “Devoid of Light” just filled me with excitement as I went in to see what the deal with this album was. And what ensued was, I swear to you, some of the best black metal that 2016 has graciously thrown at us so far.

“Devoid of Light” does not rely upon a break neck pace all the time in its five tracks or any sort of blasts of rage and anger that we’ve all seen before, but instead UADA has the capability to hold back just enough to where they’re still uncompromisingly brutal for the entirety of the album. UADA also have a ridiculous set of vocals that are harsh, but aren’t the typical shrill shriek that we all know and love. Instead, this set goes for the more guttural sound as they feel like they could bring about the apocalypse itself simply by uttering a few words, and back that up with intense guitars, monstrous bass, and a raging set of drums and you got yourself the end of all things. Each track off of “Devoid of Light” just has this incredibly harsh feel to it and everything continuously and without pause peels away at your skin with its sheer intensity until all that’s left of you is pretty similar to what you see on that cover art just without the volcano and hell-scape, I assume, anyway. Then there’s the matter of the riffs and raw energy that UADA bring to the table with the record that truly brings everything together to create an overwhelming debut in every sense of the word, which is a rare occurrence in a genre that sometimes feels like it doesn’t have much to offer nowadays, but “Devoid of Light” proves that to be nowhere near the case.

A debut album the likes of which you can’t find every other day, UADA show that they are a true force to be reckoned with. “Devoid of Light” is 100% an album of fiery destruction that will leave smoldering ashes in its wake that will only leave you wanting even more.

LISTEN to “Devoid of Light” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE UADA on Facebook here.


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