Vulture Wings – Funeral Grounds

a0482995850_10 There’s a million, million death metal bands out there all over the world, we all know this to be an absolute, and sometimes unfortunate, fact. So after listening to a fuck ton of generic death bands for as long and as frequently as I do, you start to find a sad pattern that not all of it is that good because it’s just so . . . uninteresting. Vulture Wings, however, didn’t alter your typical death formula in any major way so the end result is their debut “Funeral Grounds” which happened to breathe life back into my interest for underground death metal.

Sometimes, the most interesting stuff comes out of the places that we forget to even think to look. For me, that place for quality death metal is the country of Brazil which has a pretty recognized and well established metal scene in general. But there’s of course a good few gems in that scene, and Vulture Wings is easily one such gem because “Funeral Grounds” is a real quality EP the likes of which isn’t uncommon, but it’s rare enough to when one does pop up it turns anyone’s head who’s had the pleasure of hearing it. As I said, there isn’t a whole lot different with this record, but the energy that Vulture Wings brings to the table with it is just so mammoth in size and done magnificently well to the point that it each rotten riff, each brutal thump of the bass, each malicious beat of the drums, and every vicious word from the vocals tear you to absolute minuscule shreds of flesh, vaporized bone, and misty blood. And there are but a whole four tracks for “Funeral Grounds”, and with so little Vulture Wings manages to do so much more than what some bands who’ve been around for ages fail to recreate even once. There is true intensity and magnificence behind this EP, and it shows that this Brazilian band really knows how to do proper death metal that isn’t just trying to be angry and loud or too innovative, but just restrained enough to where all your skin is gone and your brain a pulpy mush yet you are still kept alive for the relentless onslaught to continue promptly.

Real death metal from a real metal country that doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves, Vulture Wings gives an applause worthy performance without a doubt with “Funeral Grounds”. An immensely entertaining album by all accounts, I foresee great things from these Brazilians.

LISTEN to “Funeral Grounds” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vulture Wings on Facebook here.


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