Darkend – The Canticle of Shadows

darkend album When you’re like me and listen to enough black metal to keep the crosses upside down and everything to be fast and raw (heh) all the fucking time. But sometimes, you just want a little bit more amongst all the chaos. Some form, something different, something that will just crank up enjoyment factor beyond the max. Symphonic black metal fits that bill very nicely, but never has that style of unholiness come to such a pinnacle as it has with Darkend’s upcoming album “The Canticle of Shadows”.

As if you couldn’t already tell from the name of the band or the album, this is some really dark and brutal shit. And it’s not just all “blllllaaaaarggggh arrrrghhhhhh SAAAATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” Well, not straight up anyway. In the case of Darkend’s third album, there’s loads of unholiness and all things maddening I’m sure, but the thing that really strikes me is not the theme but how this seven track album is performed. With all the unrelenting, brutal, and skin peeling black metal you could want with harsh vocals, fast and icy guitars, ridiculous bass, and monstrous drums to create a real blast that you cannot beat but can find in plenty of other places from a plethora of bands, the real treat comes in the form of the bits in each track where it becomes very atmospheric and you are overcome with a wave of ominous sound and tone. It takes you from a world of brutality and intensity that you’re more than willing to go through, but then you are suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into a dimension of overwhelming pressure constantly pressing down onto your entire being with plenty of different instruments in different songs so that you aren’t feeling the same sensation each time. Each has its own sinister, malevolent feel to it that works ridiculously well with all the raw black metal to create an expertly done combination that’s so tremendously awesome it’s very rare to come across something as well done as this, but Darkend have hit everything single nail on the head that they could have with “The Canticle of Shadows”.

And if all that didn’t get you, then maybe guest appearances from prestigious like (but not limited to) Mayhem will which adds even more excellence to this already magnificent mix that is “The Canticle of Shadows”. A truly occult and most intense albums you’ll hear for quite some time, Darkend show that they are truly an unholy force to be trifled with if you want real black metal.

“The Canticle of Shadows” releases on April 25th!

LISTEN to 3 tracks off “The Canticle of Shadows” on Bandcamp here, or “Of the Defunct” via YouTube below.

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