Anthrax – For All Kings

Anthrax_ForAllKing_cover I’m going to be completely honest with you, of all the Big Four Anthrax is without a doubt the one that I’ve heard the least of. Hell, sometimes I forget Anthrax is part of that group and accidentally replace them with Iron Maiden that’s how unfamilar I am with them. I’ve always looked for a good intro album to hopefully get me interested in them and nothing has really caught my attention until now with “For All Kings” which is no doubt my gateway album to such a prestigious band.

Everyone knows two things about Anthrax. One, they’re undoubtedly on of the kings of thrash. Two, they’ve been around for a few decades and put out quite a good amount of albums in that long stretch of time. So in that time you’d expect a band to put out multiple good albums not to mention one as highly regarded as this, right? Correct, and with “For All Kings” I can easily and very happily say that in my educated guess and from what I’ve heard from other people, this is one of the best albums Anthrax has put out in years, and you can definitely tell once you begin listening to it. Just under an hour long of modern thrash that also sounds like something straight out of the glory days of the Big Four, “For All Kings” is a fast, composed, and all around extremely well done record with not one song sounding recycled, each one has varying lengths for differing sounds and slightly altered styles to fit the times, and just the highest quality of sound that you could possibly expect out of any band out there. All eleven tracks come together to create a real thrash experience the likes of which you’d be extremely hard pressed to find anywhere in the metal universe in this century alone.

Anthrax have shown that true talent that does not diminish with age, but the contrary. They seem to have gotten increasingly better as the years went on and “For All Kings” is definite proof of this. A real thrash album that embodies so many elements that got many metalheads into metal to begin with, Anthrax only do justice to their legend and give us an instant classic that is already one for the ages.

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