Mourning Soul – Ego Death (Ritual I)

a2207730400_10 Thanks to a good friend of mine who is a bigger blackened death fan than I am, he thought to tell me of the piece that is Mourning Soul’s first full length album, “Ego Death (Ritual I)”. And when I tell you that this is some top notch blackened death I am mean that this record alone blows away most competition by not being a blast of mindlessness that many bands succumb into being, but instead put thought and vague structures to the point where this is possibly the most organic album of its genre I’ve ever heard.

With 45 minutes spread throughout nine tracks off the album, Mourning Soul hold nothing back in “Ego Death (Ritual I)” as it is exactly what you’d expect out of a blackened death record, but like I said this band manages to put actual thought into this piece. There are subtle melodies, interesting riffs, and mostly unheard rhythms going on behind all the chaos and madness of “Ego Death (Ritual I)” that it’d be hard to notice it unless you were actually looking for them, and upon my discovery of them it made the experience of the record far more enjoyable than something that’s solely based off of anger, hate, and loud noises left and right despite how that might actually work out for the better every once in a while. The vocals really cut through everything from the monstrously destructive sound of the guitars, the sheer intensity of the goliath bass, and the massive feel of the drums to the point where the vocals could reign death and hellfire from the heavens upon all of humanity, which is almost exactly what a blackened death album requires, but Mourning Soul manages to capture so much more within the contents of “Ego Death (Ritual I)”.

Everything really comes together quite well on a scale of which most bands fail most of the time, but Mourning Soul more than proves that they are leagues ahead of the competition and know how to hit the ball right out of this fucking plane of existence itself with this album alone. And where it only seemed like Mourning Soul would have one or two good tracks off “Ego Death (Ritual I)” they defy my expectations and bring a record that is of very high quality, and I can promise you that you will find the same level of enjoyment out of the album as I do.

LISTEN to “Ego Death (Ritual I)” on Bandcamp here.

BUY “Ego Death (Ritual I)” via iTunes here.

LIKE Mourning Soul on Facebook here.


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