Heretique – De Non Exisentia Dei

d30f0a5b-af30-47a1-a950-f83a6ca82962 The category of blackened death metal has managed to put out some pretty awesome pieces over the years, that much is plain obvious. In my recent experience sadly, it’s been rather lack luster and like most ruts in music there’s always one album to get you out. And in this case my escape out of this blackened death rut is Heretique’s sophomore album “De Non Exisentia Dei”.

Just from hearing the name of the sub-genre itself, you get a real specific image in your head of real extreme intensity taken to one of many maximum levels of brutality that you can think of. Heretique defy such an expectation as their newest album “De Non Exisentia Dei” doesn’t really have such a break neck pace, but the level of intensity somehow manages to stay within the contents of this album to where you can feel it through just about every single track. But Heretique aren’t afraid to pull back and slow things down a bit to bring everything into a nice perspective while making it fit amongst all the intensity that you had been experiencing. The scratchy vocals, rhythmic guitars, relentless bass, and brutal drums all really come together to create an album the likes of which wouldn’t be that hard to find nowadays, but you’d be very hard pressed to find it in such high quality as you will with “De Non Exisentia Dei” which somehow manages to push the boundaries of blackened death while also remaining true to the genre’s roots at the same time. This all while having an excellent sound and feel through all twelve tracks that are featured on the album.

Heretique does what many Polish bands won’t: go into not only the darker end of metal but also to sound fucking excellent at the same time. “De Non Exisentia Dei” is front to back a solid album that truly shows the talent that is kept within this group that a scant few know of.

LISTEN to “De Non Exisentia Dei” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Heretique on Facebook here.


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