Gruesome – Forces of Death (single)

a0331852390_10 When I first heard Gruesome’s debut album, “Savage Land”, I was immediately enjoying the death metal that they expertly brought to the table, but for some reason I wasn’t as impressed as many others were so I decided to step away from listening to them and come back when they had new material. So I could get a better taste of what they had going on, that is. And with their single “Forces of Death” off their upcoming EP now available for our ears, it’s clear to see that Gruesome truly lead the way for many modern death metal bands out there who strive to bring true brutality back into the metal world.

“Forces of Death” is basically what you’d assume from a song with such a name: a face melting blast of death metal that doesn’t let up for even a little break, a pause, or to give your mind a little breather before plunging back into the inferno. Nope. Just constant intensity that slowly builds up to an explosive array of brutality that comes near the end of the track that will leave you only wanting more as you then go through that deafening silence that you’re left with after the song is over. All throughout the track you are given to you on a plate of blood and guts vocals that tear through everything and leaves nothing left in their wake, riffs that remind me very much of early Death which is a huge plus by all accounts, and an unrelenting pace and rhythm that absolutely punches your teeth out over and over again. And with the EP having five more tracks on it you can only imagine how much better Gruesome has gotten since their debut and that makes me very excited for “Dimensions of Horror” as this could quite possibly be one of the most intriguing albums to come from the more popular death bands this year, and who knows who else will put something out this year, but I’ve got confidence that Gruesome will really hit it out of the fucking dimension itself with this EP.

Definitely a grinding song that should be all by all death metal fans and anyone else who wants some brutal metal in their life, Gruesome have given me something to look forward to and I can’t wait to see what “Dimensions of Horror” will do to show us how Gruesome really think as a death band.

“Dimensions of Horror” releases on May 20th!

PRE-ORDER “Dimensions of Horror” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Forces of Death” on Bandcamp here, or via SoundCloud below.

LIKE Gruesome on Facebook here.


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