Sinnery – A Feast of Fools

PBR045_cover_web When you see a cover like that the first thing that you think isn’t exactly thrash metal, but don’t let such an odd imagine cloud your judgement as this is definitely pure thrash to the very core. From start to finish you will find yourself immersed in the true modern thrash gem that is “A Feast of Fools” because not only does it one up the rest of the competition, it absolutely blows light years ahead of so many other bands out there.

What’s the one key thing that is needed in order to make a good thrash record? Speed, naturally. But that’s not the only thing you need because then it’s just a speedy record and not much else which is great for some, but for many others it’s just so . . . boring. But Sinnery avoid such a fate with “A Feast of Fools” being a real smash to the face as not only is there a brilliant amount of speed spread throughout the record there’s also hypnotic vocals that keep you listening, ripping solos that really allow the guitarists to flex there musical muscles, a real groove brought to you by the excellent bass that holds nothing back for the whole record, and a rhythm the likes of which is both catchy and insanely entertaining. Each song is just a real explosion of sound and speed brought together seamlessly to give you an experience that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the metal world, and you’d be even more hard pressed to find it in today’s world in such high quality has with Sinnery here. This band just seems to have found the right formula to bring fresh life to a genre where nearly everything that can be done has been done, but that doesn’t stop “A Feast of Fools” from bringing the excellence that many bands and records for years fail to bring, but Sinnery manages to do it with their first full length straight out of the gate.

In a world where the quality of thrash has diminished quite a bit in recent years, but Sinnery show that there is still definite promising and talented bands out in the world waiting to be heard. “A Feast of Fools” front to back is an impressive debut in every sense of the word, and I can almost promise any thrash fan who listens to the record upon its release will be more than satisfied.

“A Feast of Fools” releases on May 6th!

LISTEN to a teaser of “A Feast of Fool” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Sinnery on Facebook here.


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