Eclipse – Clandestine Resurrection

a0887417485_10 The original form of heavy metal has always had a real charm to it that those of us who have been lucky enough to hear it know that is has a great energy about it. So seeing that impressive cover art I could only imagine the quality of the metal that Eclipse would have on their new album, “Clandestine Resurrection”. And now that I’ve heard it front to back I can happily say this is some real top notch heavy metal.

All ten tracks off of this record have that insanely catchy and extremely interesting sound from the riffs that absolutely catch your attention one hundred percent. The most important element from “Clandestine Resurrection” that really makes it the piece that it is is the awesome keyboards that are showcased in just about every song so that alongside the riff filled guitars keeps you listening because they just have a great synergy that works magnificently well with the band as a whole. Then there’s the fact that the smooth as fuck vocals have a great rhythm to them in each track that make every single song, which all but one don’t stretch over five minutes long, very enjoyable for a casual listen and not to mention if you want something just slightly edgy with a nice feel to it if you just want to kick back and sink into some very well done heavy metal. And by the end of this just under 40 minute album you’ve been through a very enlightening experience the likes of which is hard to find in the metal world of today, but Eclipse show that the real original metal is no where near dead.

Everything that is great about the hay days of metal come together with “Clandestine Resurrection” and if you even call yourself a remote fan of the genre or just its original form, you are going to enjoy the fuck out of Eclipse for years to come.

LISTEN to “Clandestine Resurrection” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eclipse on Facebook here.


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