Vibrion – Bacterya

a0163577779_10 I like legends of all kinds, and I think everyone can agree to that. So when I heard that the “legendary” death metal band of Vibrion had finally put out a new album after almost 20 years without putting out a single full length album, and was one of the first Argentinian death metal bands ever, I simply had to check it out. And after listening to “Bacterya” front to back and hurting my neck in the process, I can happily say the legend lives up to its brutal name.

“Bacterya” is the true bloody embodiment of everything every single death metal band of today wants to be, namely those who want to get that real old school feel to it. Such raw intensity, head-bang worthy riffs, and vocals that could rend the flesh off of anything is contained within the ten tracks of the album and easily make this one of the best of the more brutal death metal albums to have come out this year, and I’ve done my fair share of delving through numerous death bands and liking not nearly as many as I didn’t. But, “Bacterya” truly stand out from the mediocre crowd. Apart from that real simple but awesome cover art, Vibrion mix together elements of both new and old elements of death metal with how throughout the album are subtle melodies strung together with blasting rhythms and beats that don’t let up until they go back to the riffs that peel your face off to only go back to those brutal blasts that you revel in oh so much. Then there’s everything else going on around from the fiery vocals to the drums that have a consistent beat that can be both sheer, blind intensity while at other times more composed and rhythmic to the bass that while you can’t really hear them without looking for them they absolutely tear up everything in their path so that nothing is left untouched by the awesome brutality that they bring. And with the aforementioned ten tracks, you’ve got a real collection to choose from to get your fill of the old school, and believe me you will get more than your fill from Vibrion.

Legends indeed, “Bacterya” holds up a legacy that was started back in the 90s these fine gentlemen have returned to us with the pulsing mass of bleeding flesh that is this record and I cannot believe anyone should they try to tell me “Bacterya” or the band is dull or unoriginal, for they are doing what they are doing best with this new album. And if you even consider yourself to be a death metal fan and don’t like this, well then you just fuck right off then because this is the absolute shit to be listening to right now for all of death metal everywhere.

LISTEN to “Bacterya” on Bandcamp here, or listen to the track “The Wrath of the Beast” via YouTube below.

LIKE Vibrion on Facebook here.


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