Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience

Abnormality_-_Mechanisms_of_Omniscience After yesterday’s review, I decided to do some research to find some band that are close to brutal death metal, but not fully to the point where you can’t tell what the fuck is going on. And one such band that caught my eye is Abnormality with their upcoming record “Mechanisms of Omniscience” sounding very promising for the title track video on YouTube. And after sifting through the album, I can happily say this band may be the smooth entrance I needed into the territory of brutal death.

Just from that simplistic cover art and overly brutal band logo, you can tell that Abnormality were really planning to skin your fucking face off with this record and that is exactly what will happen (metaphorically) if you’re not prepared for the inferno of fury. And of all the things that surprised me about this album and this band overall is finding out that the lead singer is actually a woman, which upon listening to “Mechanisms of Omniscience”, enjoying it, and just bathing in those guttural vocals that don’t sound anything like a woman’s growls (to me, anyway) it just throws you off to discover something like that, and if you ask me that makes the experience of the record all the more enjoyable because not every female fronted band can get to vocals so low with such high quality so just that alone makes me give a thumbs up in high approval. Then there’s the matter of the rest of the band – drums, bass, dual guitars; the works. They all come together to create a truly bloody, brutal experience that doesn’t leave you even a square inch of space to even take the lightest breath in order to re-prep your mind as the onslaught continues, but you never even get a chance to think of doing such a thing. Monstrous guitars, a bass that is as heavy as the center of the sun, and drums that could induce earthquakes should they so desire. The rhythms and very subtle melodies, while a little toned down by the sheer intensity of everything, really carry through those instruments to help you get through the songs so that way all 10 tracks are just blasts of anger with no real form and not a whole fuck of a lot less to go around. But Abnormality really show that they can make a sub-genre, in this case brutal death or at least near-brutal death, that is really made for a niche selection of the metal community very accessible by anyone who just isn’t extreme enough for that style while making it sound excellent at the same goddamn time, and if that isn’t something to applaud in it of itself then I don’t know what is.

“Mechanisms of Omniscience” is a front to back trip of sheer intensity that is comprised of acid, dipped in pure hellfire, and mixed with all things aggressive that just really brings out the best of Abnormality’s genre. A quality album from a truly quality band, this record is bound to make death metal fans out of plenty of people when this drops.

“Mechanisms of Omniscience” releases on April 29th!

PRE-ORDER “Mechanisms of Omniscience” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the title track single on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Abnormality on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Abnormality on Twitter : @abnormalityband


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