Rotting Repugnancy – Harbingers of the Last Judgement

a2938005013_10 I for one am a big fan of death metal with its extreme energy, themes, and all that good stuff that we all know without having to think about it, but I’ve never really been able to tolerate it for whatever reason. Just a little too extreme  for me, but I’ve never been afraid to skirt along that line of the two sub-genres as you can find some truly interesting material on that line, and Rotting Repugnancy is a prime example of that with their latest album.

“Harbingers of the Last Judgement” is a monstrous eight track album that doesn’t hold a single thing back, and I mean nothing, not even for a second so what you’re given is a straight up assault on your entire sense of hearing as this record is a glorious piece of fiery destruction that cannot and will not stop. You can just feel the hate and the pure unadulterated anger just seething from this album which adds that bloody punch to the already demonically acidic release. The guitars really waste no time from track to track as their pace doesn’t lessen for even a microsecond, the bass has a real heavy crunch to it that makes it great head-banging material with riffs that don’t disappoint for one moment, and drums that pound away at your skull with lightning speed pace to create a sense of speed that if you already hadn’t noticed it then the drums will definitely drive it home. And with not a single track reaching over five minutes long there is just enough of length in all eight songs within “Harbingers of the Last Judgement” to where everything is kept fast and intense while sounding different from everything else off the record, and everything is just so good that I honestly played the whole thing back to back at least five times before snapping out of it to type these words for you people.

From the brutal vocals to that intrinsic cover art, Rotting Repugnancy truly make a name for themselves with this record. “Harbingers of the Last Judgement” teeters on that line between normal and brutal death metal to where I can personally enjoy it enormously and I firmly believe that fans of both styles will find shit tons to enjoy as well.

LISTEN to “Harbingers of the Last Judgement” on Bandcamp here, and the track “Godless World” via YouTube below.

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