Inter Arma – Transfiguration (single)

a1569848030_10 Ever since Inter Arma busted out their masterpiece that was “The Cavern” in 2014 I’ve been eagerly awaiting their next album that, based on their discography’s reputation up to this point, has been nothing short of legendarily awesome. Now, we have a glimpse at what these Virginians have planned next for their next record, “Paradise Gallows”. Returning to a sound that is more like their first full length album, “Sundown”, Inter Arma prove that they are as powerful as ever with their new single “Transfiguration”.

When I say they’ve “returned” to the feel and sound that they did on “Sundown” I’m primarily talking about the vocals. They have a sound that really brings a blackened sludge feel to the mix to give “Transfiguration” a real piercing sound to bring a sense of intensity if you hadn’t already found it with the guitars and bass smashing into your skull while the drums grind all the bleeding pulps into a fine red mist. There’s also a doom metal factor that’s brought to the table within this song by the guitars and bass once again that are just absolutely crushing in their calmest moments, but Inter Arma isn’t afraid to switch things up by bringing in a new, faster rhythm that really draws your attention, especially the riff at 7:23 in the track. And if all that isn’t enough with crushing instruments and destructive vocals, then maybe the blend of so many different styles coming together flawlessly for not the first time but for the fourth time (as “Paradise Gallows” is Inter Arma’s fourth full length album) to create an experience that has elements from metal sub-genres like black, death, post, sludge, and prog to create a blend that on paper sounds like a fucking disaster, but as always Inter Arma proves that they aren’t interested in following normal boundaries of music. “Transfiguration” is an excellent taste of what’s to come with over 9 minutes to bathe yourself in that is in my honest opinion one of the best tracks Inter Arma has ever put out, and I love so much of this stuff but this is just fucking magnificent, I’ll tell you what.

A song that cannot be heard only once, “Transfiguration” is the perfect taste for what will come when “Paradise Gallows” is unleashed upon us all. And the moment it is released you can bet your ass that I will be all over that shit like death on a corpse.

“Paradise Gallows” releases on July 8th!

PRE-ORDER “Paradise Gallows” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to “Transfiguration” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Inter Arma on Facebook here.


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