Black Space Riders – Beyond Refugeeum

a0358835762_10 “New wave of heavy psychedelic spacerock” is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? That is the super specific description that the German band of Black Space Riders and it fits them very, very well with their unique blend of psychedelic rock and stoner elements to come together for a truly out of world experience. With their last album, “Refugeeum” being so monumentally awesome a fan can only guess at what this quintet would come up with next, and the answer to that just happens to be their upcoming EP of “Beyond Refugeeum”.

As you can imagine from the album’s title alone, this EP is a separate entity while also being a continuation of “Refugeeum”. The really neat thing about this record and something that’s painfully obvious if you’re familiar with this group is that “Beyond Refugeeum” is new territory for the band in terms of both style and sound, but they somehow manage to still sound like themselves and not a completely different band. A record that has over 30 minutes of psychedelic rock to sift through, “Beyond Refugeeum” has the band’s very first instrumental track that was extremely well done, the usage of synths that sound like they came straight from the 70s, and new wave melodies that really grasp your attention with one track even sounding like you’d hear it at a disco or something like that with its funky ass beats. To wrap up the EP there are two remixes of songs from previous albums, “Vortex Sun” (remixed to VRTX RMX) from “Refugeeum” and “Give Gravitation to the People” (remixed to Gravitation) from “D:REI”, featured to add a familiar yet completely new and fresh sense to something that’s been out for quite some time. And to say that Black Space Riders fucked up with trying to approach their music from a different angle would be a fucking lie one hundred percent because “Beyond Refugeeum” is a great piece that shows how ever-evolving this group is which is cool because that shows they don’t all have a one track mind. Instead, they’re thinking outside of all the boxes and creating music we never thought we’d hear from them and they pull it off, and if that isn’t proof of their level of musicianship then I don’t know what is. Each track off of this EP was held back from being included on the “Refugeeum” album purposely because these four songs (not including the remixes) are different from that record as a whole, and Black Space Riders had the foresight to set them aside for a record on their own, and it worked out magnificently well as “Beyond Refugeeum” absolutely smashes front to back.

If this isn’t a breath of fresh air for any fan of Black Space Riders, then you need to get your head out of your ass and see the true brilliance behind this record. And if you’ve never heard of Black Space Riders then you need to sit your ass down, listen to any record of your choosing of your choosing, and when “Beyond Refugeeum” drops bask in the swathe of fresh air that this EP is.

“Beyond Refugeeum” releases on May 13th!

LISTEN to the single “Starglue Sniffer” on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Black Space Riders on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Black Space Riders on Twitter : @BlackSpaceRider


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