Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of the Void

Whispered_-_Metsutan_Cover_Art I think we can all agree that samurais are pretty metal, no? Imagining samurai themed metal sounds like an over the top, ridiculous pipe dream that sounds like it would be a real mess with way too much shit going on, much like how people initially regarded pirate metal. And just as the same with pirate metal, samuari metal is very much a thing and Whispered are the masters of this one of a kind genre. Their upcoming third full length album, “Metsutan – Songs of the Void”, is an epic record that not only embodies this band’s niche in the metal world but it also expands on it and makes it exponentially more delicious to fans like myself.

The whole idea behind samurai metal is the combination of (in Whispered’s case) melodic death metal and various elements from folk metal, particularly with Chinese originated instruments, to create this unique sound and feel that smashes together the brutality of all things violent that samurais do (killing dragons, slaying for honor; the works) while also throwing in pieces and bits that are serene and bring about a marvelous calm that comes both before and after the storm.

Whispered’s last album, “Shogunate Macabre”, was a heavy, intense piece that really held nothing back when the time was right and pulled back for maximum satisfaction, “Metsutan – Songs of the Void” beats it out of the park as this near one hour long magnum opus. With plenty of tracks that are five minutes or shorter Whispered really manage to capture a wide variety of sensations where the death metal is more prominent over the folk elements most of the time to create a brutal feel with vicious vocals to match the blasting speed of the guitars whose solo’s I can only describe as orgasmic (yes, that word only). Then there are longer songs that reach well over seven minutes that are contain absolutely beautiful moments that have a brilliant build up to this explosion of intensity that is oh so savory before it all comes back down, making those songs absolute roller-coasters which is an art that Whispered have mastered where not a single moment throughout the album is dull or without some sort of magnificent implementation of those other worldly instruments the names of which I’ve unfortunately no idea. But everything from the additional booming vocals, the thunderous drums, a bass that could peel apart the earth itself, and a powerful presence throughout all of “Metsutan” that refuses to be ignored for even a minute before you are once again slapped across the face and a sword put to your throat by the ravenous metal that Whispered has whipped up time and again before coming to its peak with this record.

It all comes together for an absolute storm that you will want to sit through and experience every strike of lightning, every boom of thunder, every whip of the wind, and the sheer pressure of it upon your body and you feel like you’re fucking alive, that is the exact sensation Whispered created with “Metsutan – Songs of the Void” for me, and that is not something that happens every other day. This album is a journey with the best destination that you will want to go through as soon as this masterpiece drops upon us all.

“Metsutan – Songs of the Void” releases on May 20th!

LISTEN to the single “Sakura Omen” via YouTube here or below.

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