Ethereal Riffian – I AM. Deathless

a3812787995_10 When you listen to as much music as I do it’s really hard to come across a band that blends the lines between metal and rock while also making it sound fucking ridiculous and awesome, but the duo of Ethereal Riffian prove that they are capable of that and so much more from just listening to their 2-track upcoming EP “I AM. Deathless”.

I ask you to look at that magnificent cover art and come with two completely different genres, one metal and one rock, to guess what two come together within this EP. No matter what you’re guess I’m sad and happy to say that you’re wrong because the answers are doom metal psychedelic rock. Weird, huh? But it works magnificently well and makes a little sense because there’s psychedelic doom metal so why not? However, the guitars are more rock orientated with a great soft flow to them that aren’t harsh on the ears at all and transport you into a mind frame that is uniquely bizarre in the best way possible. The doom part comes in part with the vocals that are very reminiscent of the doom style while still sounding different, the bass that has a real crunch to it behind the mind boggling guitars, and then the pace of everything as Ethereal Riffian really just grinds along in all 15+ minutes of “I AM. Deathless”. If you’re wondering where the psychedelic rock comes in it’s with the fact that the vocals sound like they’re talking to you from another plane of existence, the lyrics and their themes make you think so far outside of the box that you’d think it’d be impossible to do so until this record made you actually fucking do it, and the addition of a djembe (rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands) along with the mystical and magical didgeridoo that truly makes its home within this EP and gives it an amazingly out of this world feel in the background to only add another level of psychedelic groove to the mix. And the whole overall feel of “I AM. Deathless” really pushes the boundaries of its style to create a menagerie of sensations that come over you in waves in both tracks to make each and every minute a new, fresh breathe of psychedelic air that you happily take a deep breath of. I’ve always wanted something different that sounds so fucking chill and excellent at the same time while satiating my rock and metal desires that I never thought I’d find a good mix of that, but Ethereal Riffian truly blow my mind with this EP as this is exactly what I’ve been searching for for quite some time.

Ethereal Riffian truly create something special with “I AM. Deathless”, and while I’ve never heard anything else from them I feel like it’s safe to say this is definitely going to regarded as one of their best records if not their most mind bending. Something you truly have to fully immerse yourself in to get the full and best experience, “I AM. Deathless” gets an infinite thumbs up from me any day of the week, all year long.

“I AM. Deathless” releases on May 10th!

LISTEN to the song “Drum of the Deathless” on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Ethereal Riffian on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Ethereal Riffian on Twitter : @EtherealRiffian

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