Slice the Cake – Odyssey to the West

a3011357034_10 More often then not when I see a band that describes themselves as “progressive metal” turn out to be just deathcore, and not that there’s anything wrong with that it’s a little annoying if you’re looking for one and especially not the other. But upon listening to Slice the Cake’s (hella name) newest album of “Odyssey to the West” I thought I stumbled upon another such situation, but this record truly blurs that line and not only is that interesting to me but the quality of the album itself is so massive that I still can’t fucking get over it.

When listening to this album the first impression you get is that it sounds like some fucking sop story from a dude with a silky smooth accent accompanied by gentle guitars that really help the narration – not singing nor growls, narration – move along with how much emotion is being carried in the spoken words. But as soon as you get comfortable with what the mysterious man is speaking you are slapped across your fucking face by absolute heaviness that sounds fucking excellent but not a single iota of emotion or significance leaves the notes that have been taken over by the bass to then introduce vocals akin to deathcore before transitioning back and forth between those and the style that you had already become acquainted with. All of the over hour long experience of “Odyssey to the West” is like that with dozens of ups and downs, highs and lows, blasts and calms, and not to mention how intriguing such basic instruments sound on their own. The guitars can tell a story of their own, the bass bring down the skies without breaking a sweat, and then the drums providing a beat that shifts between styles the likes of which is hard to come by nowadays. Slice the Cake really manage to amplify their magnificent power just by going from smooth to brutal and back again which is an extremely hard to thing to get down and this band has got it down air fucking tight. And my favorite part about “Odyssey to the West” is how not only do no two tracks sound the same, but none come even close to sounding like another which gives the record and awesome feel to its entirety that is hard to come by, and you never find a dull moment within this truly grand album that I can only describe as one of a kind.

“Odyssey to the West” is a flat out cinematic experience that I was lucky enough to stumble upon, and if you have an open mind about what metal you listen to you will definitely not want to pass up this truly epic and grand work the likes of which rarely comes along. Period.

LISTEN to “Odyssey to the West” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

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