Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign (single)

image When it comes to black metal, there are fewer bands that one think of and Dark Funeral is a certain staple of the genre. With their first album in over five years, there’s a lot of hype around this album, and after listening to the first single off the record, the title track, I can happily say that they are on an awesome course that will almost definitely result in this record being an absolute beast.

If you were expecting a massive overhaul from what we’ve basically seen of Dark Funeral in the past, I’m both happy and sad to tell you that’s not going to happen. Sad because that means this might be a let down for you if you were looking for some change in the band or their style, but happy because nobody fucking wants that much less has the balls to say that out loud. This song is the embodiment of the phrase “blast from the past” because all I could think while listening to this piece of awesomeness were two things: (1) this shit is awesome, and (2) it sounds like it could’ve come right out of Dark Funeral’s debut album, “The Secrets of the Black Arts”. Now, I don’t know about you but that’s a huge bonus to me as I love the fuck out of that album and listening to this song sent me right back to that record which shows that Dark Funeral have truly continued to have a great frame of mind while creating this record and have only prolonged their fiery reign as the lord of black metal by hearkening back to their origins, intentional or not. There are subtle melodies spread throughout “Where Shadows Forever Reign”, a break neck pace that rarely stops for even a second, and just this uncompromising feel that all that is unholy is rising up out of your speakers, and you’re fucking glad about that.

If you were disappointed with the song that was “Nail Them to the Cross” and thinking that Dark Funeral had begun to fall into a rutt, then oh my Lucifer are you going to be so happy when you listen to this song. And I’ve no doubt that this track is but the humble beginnings and the whole of “Where Shadows Forever Reign” will be something that will truly shake the black metal world as every Dark Funeral album rightfully should.

“Where Shadows Forever Reign” releases on June 3rd!


LISTEN to “Where Shadows Forever Reign” (the single) via YouTube here or below.

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