Tombs – All Empires Fall

tombs-album I’ve been looking forward to this album ever since the first single was released from it and it showed a fuck ton of promise for this band that before today I had no special love for. But now that I’ve heard “All Empires Fall” multiple times I can easily say that this is the best album in my eyes that Tombs have ever released.

Sometimes the best album are those that don’t have ten or thirteen tracks to choose from, but instead the ones with not even seven or just five. “All Empires Fall” has five whole songs on it and within them are excellent stylistic factors of atmospheric black metal that really come together to create an album that truly gets underneath your skin when you’re least expecting before it then bursts through your flesh, shredding it into, pieces with some real intense black metal that’s hard to come by nowadays, but Tombs show that with a simple set of synths alongside the normal set that you can accomplish so much more than what normal instruments (bass, guitars, drums, etc.) can do. And then there’s the whole riff factor coming into place which adds a whole new layer of badassery that keeps you listening whether you’re not you enjoy the vocals which (in my humble and pointless opinion) aren’t super awesomely fantastically great, but they’re still very nice for what they are and go very well with both the ambiance and the actual metal which is all that I could ever ask for out of a band, personally.

And by the end of this 24-minute record you would’ve got through an interesting world with tons of twists and turns to show that since Tombs’ last album along with losing and gaining members, these fine gentlemen from New York have put together one hell of an album that cannot be denied is awesome. No two fucking ways about it.

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