Dragged – We Summon

a3319752414_10 You ever get a feeling where you’re just “I want to listen to [insert specific type of music here] today”? I woke up this morning and had a strong urge for some tasty doom metal. Didn’t know where to start so I started digging through Bandcamp to find some interesting. And after multiple albums I found the debut album of Germany’s Dragged, and holy shit do I find it criminal that more people don’t know about these guys.

“We Summon” is well over an hour long in length with only five tracks, so right there that’s most of the doom audience giving their approval for lengthy tracks that’s littered with a slower tempo that’s as interesting as it is crushingly intense. The neat thing about “We Summon” for me though is how Dragged isn’t afraid to have a burst of speed for a brief amount of time, and that obviously changes the whole texture and feel of the song before you are plunged back into that brutal sloth that is sewn in amazingly well with riffs and grooves that keep you listening even through the tracks that are over twenty whole minutes long. Then there’s the vocals that have a great sound to them that make them feel like they’re calling to you from a distance which adds a little bit of an ambient feel to the music that makes “We Summon” interesting to a new level where even though you can’t understand a fucking word of the lyrics, and you are completely okay with that – in fact, you actually enjoy and appreciate the music even more because of that. And the awesome cover art just puts you into a frame of mind that all the shit that’s going on within “We Summon” so it lets off a slight psychedelic feel at various points throughout the record, and while it’s not a very strong feel it’s still a great factor to add on top of the already awesome mountain of things that seamlessly come together for this album to make it the stunning piece that it is. Then if that doesn’t get you interested then maybe the fact that Dragged have such expertise and musicianship to implement unconventional instruments (for doom metal) into this record such as chimes, what I assume to be a violin, a piano, and even more to send you into a unique experience that even seasoned veterans of any music genre fail to replicate or create anything similar to, and to me that shows that the two guys behind Dragged know exactly what they’re doing and I’ve no doubt there’s more awesomeness to behold other than these five ridiculous tracks.

An album which such craftsmanship and high level of grandeur that the vast majority of bands fail to create time and again, Dragged have created something truly special with “We Summon”. A gem of metal of epic proportions, I want to see these guys get the respect and fans that they deserve for this is the shit that legends are made of.

LISTEN to “We Summon” via Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Dragged on Facebook here.


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