Imperium – Titanomachy

Imperium_-_Titanomachy_Cover_Art It’s interesting to me to see how a band can evolve without even reworking their overall sound all that much in span of let’s say four years. Imperium is one of those bands that interest me with such a topic, and with their upcoming “Titanomachy” being a great example of such a statement, it makes me wonder what else this duo can think of.

Ever since their debut four years ago, Imperium lost one of its two members but quickly got someone else to fill those empty shoes, and such a change led to a slight change in the sound that Imperium had on their debut. Just from looking at that cover art and the name of the album itself you can see that “Titanomachy” has a Greek mythology theme to it, and that works very well with the style of intense death metal that Imperium made a name for themselves with. A set of unrelenting vocals, ferocious bass that could shake the earth itself, and super fast guitars with awesome drums to match, “Titanomachy” is a real piece of chaos that even sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a war waged between all of the gods. All thirteen tracks off of this record are made of pure fire and just rain down upon your feeble mind to throw you into this place were everything is violent, everything is visceral, and no one will be left alive by the end of it and that includes the gods themselves, so you could say that Imperium really know how to do their death metal with this album as to me it’s more refined and has an overall better sound than what was on their debut. By the end of “Titanomachy” I can guarantee that you will have enjoyed this experience of rough death metal that you’ve been looking for and you will definitely find your place with Imperium should you be like me and enjoy the fuck out of this record.

A strong comeback from an otherwise at first crippling loss for this band, Imperium show that they aren’t done surprising us with uncompromisingly intense death metal that refuses to let up.

“Titanomachy” releases on May 7th!

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