Blackened Death Records – Hammer Smashed Faith III

a2967988764_10 It might as well be tradition for me at this point where when the fine people at Blackened Death Records release a new volume to their “Hammer Smashed Faith” compilation series, I check it out. I do that (on my own accord, mind you) because the albums feature multiple underground bands of varying genres in the metal world, and I never know what I’ll find. With this as the third volume, I can honestly say this is the most brutal and unforgiving issue yet.

Just by observing the massive amount of red, the what I presume to be blood gushing from that cross, and demonic figures hurdled over a surely damned soul in extreme pain you can tell that there will be nothing held back when you dive into this 13-track compilation. From black metal, doom metal, death metal, grind, and even brutal death, “Hammer Smashed Faith III” truly holds nothing back even to the point where I had to skip some songs because they were too brutal and ridiculous for me, but I know all you people out there who likes to get real dirty with your metal will find plenty of enjoyment from this record. This piece is just chock full of acts that you really have to do some digging to find most likely because this is the kind of shit that shall always be “underground” simply because it’s so fucking raw and gory that it’ll never catch on with a super large audience, and that’s kind of what makes this compilation so awesome. Hearing unique bands that sound like they came from Satan’s rock hall of blood and gore put into one collection for your enjoyment is something that you don’t see everyday, and it’s cool to me for two reasons: (1) gives possibly great bands exposure that’s all important, and (2) allowing your ears a chance to bleed out of awesomeness every now and then is a good thing for an adventurous metal head, and I promise it will happen to you as it did with me.

Once again Blackened Death Records have shown their appreciation for underground metal, and has further fueled my own love for the underground. I guarantee you that if you love the truly bloody side of metal that you will find your place here, and if you aren’t then prep your ass and get ready because you’re gonna get chopped to pieces by the end of “Hammer Smashed Faith III”.

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