Witte Wieven – Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind

cover-wittewieven The thing that can be said about every single genre of music out there, not just metal, is that there is always a fuck ton of it that will fly past everyone. Possibly awesome albums pass us each and every day simply because it’s impossible to listen to everything from everyone, unfortunately. I am here to now tell you about a piece of atmospheric black metal that you cannot pass up: Witte Wieven’s debut album.

“Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” is but a three track album that’s just barely over 15 minutes long, but spread throughout that length is this overwhelmingly ominous atmosphere that is used to lead into the music, serve as an outro, and then to just set the mood before you are hit with a wave of very well done black metal. Much like a lot of atmospheric black metal out there the vocals have a harsh feel to them that sound like wailing ghouls off in the distance, and there’s a big emphasis on “distance” as they sound like they’re calling to you from a long way away as the guitars, bass, and drums do the real work and create this feel that’s both raw and vicious while containing this sensation about it that sends a chill up your spine when you become fully immersed in it. This two man band manage to create an EP that gets underneath your skin only to explode outward with its awesome destructive sound.

Atmospheric black metal has been fairly lack luster for the most part in recent months if you ask me, and “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” is a ray of awesomeness that was way overdue for me. A great piece of its genre made by only two fine gentlemen, Witte Wieven have done an excellent job with this EP.

LISTEN to “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Witte Wieven on Facebook here.

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