Corners of Sanctuary – Metal Machine

1443969130_ef2f1d7487883eab46fa144a30871191778f4e9e The original, primal form of metal music, heavy metal, is quite possibly everyone’s first slide into the metal genre and eventually helped us become the metal heads we are today. So for me it’s always a good idea to go back to the beginnings but look at new groups to hopefully breathe new life for that old love, and today Corners of Sanctuary has definitely shown that heavy metal is still alive and well with their latest album, “Metal Machine”.

Given the context that I just gave you and the name of the album itself, this sounds like a fairly cheesy record, right? Well if you didn’t already know, heavy metal bands have been known to use the genre itself as a basis for an album and Corners of Sanctuary is no different as “Metal Machine” is a real blast of the original form of metal that further glorifies that which we already love. There’s an excellent melodic factor that go on between the vocals and guitars to create a solid flow that’s backed up by an equally impressive drums that never once create a beat that feels dull or out of place which really helps keep the album going and interesting even when sometimes not everything comes together quite as smoothly. And as their fourth full length album over the course, you can definitely hear and not to mention feel the experience that Corners of Sanctuary has garnered throughout their short run as a band, which ends up making “Metal Machine” a much more enjoyable album that what I’m sure their first album must’ve been (haven’t heard it, however). But in the end and after plenty of solid metal, Corners of Sanctuary do a very nice job with this album and show that they know exactly how to make good heavy metal, and they don’t hesitate to do it either.

“Metal Machine” a piece that is both nostalgic and refreshing because it takes me back to when I was first listening to metal and my soft hears could only handle bands like Manowar, and this record took me back to those awesome days. I’ve no doubt this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Corners of Sanctuary and I’ve got complete confidence that they will only get better and better as the years go on.

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