Cold Snap – These Boots are Made for Walkin’ (single)

These-Boots-Are-Made-For-Walkin-Cold-Snap-1600x1600-702x702 When I think of the classic legends of music that made it what the industry came to be today, I think of none other than Frank Sinatra and how influential he was, but many people forget about his daughter, Nancy Sinatra. She made quite a few hits in her days and one happened to be her classic “These Boots are Made for Walkin'” and apparently the Croatian group of Cold Snap thought it’d be a cool idea to cover said song.

Going from 60’s pop to modern groove metal is a headache to even think about, but Cold Snap somehow manage and make it sound like it was nothing. According to the band’s bassist, “Since the song wasn’t written by us, we weren’t sure how to go about getting the clearance to release it, so it sat on a shelf for the past couple of years, unreleased”, which gave them plenty of time to tinker it and really make it what is it now, and that happens to be a cover the likes of which is hard to fathom without first listening to it. The cover still has a tinge of that old pop feel to it with the bass being very catchy and it just sounds more satisfying as a metal fan because it’s infinitely more heavier than the original version. The vocals really bring a sense of power into the mix that instead of a taunting voice as Sinatra did, these guys go for the most aggressive feel that work amazing alongside the ridiculous guitars and drums that keep true to that catchy rhythm that you just rarely ever hear in the form of metal in today’s world.

Cold Snap also manage to stay true to both their style with these cover and do nothing but justice for a classic song which in the end is all I care about because that means the cover was done right, and by God did this band do a great cover.

LISTEN to the cover via YouTube here or below.

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