Mesarthim – Pillars

a3421730298_10 I remember hearing a whole bunch of hype about Mesarthim’s last album, “Isolate”, from some of my friends who frequently checked Bandcamp for all those “dank beats”. And I checked out “Isolate” and was sadly unimpressed despite all the appraisal it got, but now that Mesarthim has recently put out a new album I thought I’d investigate one more time, and holy shit did the guy behind this step his game up in my eyes!

Mesarthim specializes in atmospheric black metal, but with a cosmic theme about it so whenever you’re listening to the music you feel like you’ve been teleported into various corners of space with mesmerizing and harsh music to boot. The neat thing about this EP for me though is how the vocals don’t often turn up so for the majority of this 35+ minute four track piece so what you are left with is this magnificent ambiance composed of the usual of guitars, bass, and drums, but you also get a mix of a whole bunch of shit such as keyboards that really add a sense of wonder and grandeur to the music that fits perfectly with the theme of the band. There’s also the factor of how the songs flow together virtually seamlessly, so when you finish one track it instantly flows over into the next to create this really cinematic-esque experience that many, many groups out there do and pull off wondrously and Mesarthim show that he’s got the same capability and makes it work amazingly well. The mixing of electronic elements and traditional instruments rarely create such ambiance and excellence than what can be found with “Pillars” which despite me not thinking it’d be good at first worked out really well for me and for everyone else because they all seem to agree.

It’s hard to do so much with so little and then show the evolution of your band in such a short amount of time, but Mesarthim have done both of those very well and show that sometimes one man bands are the best bands. “Pillars” is a true cosmically grand album that any fan of some out of this world metal will enjoy, I know I fucking did.

LISTEN to “Pillars” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Mesarthim on Facebook here.


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