Desaster – The Oath of an Iron Ritual

Desaster_-_The_Oath_of_an_Iron_Ritual The world of black and thrash metal have met infinite amount of times through since they were both conceived, and no one has ever question the raw power contained within such a combination. But with many bands doing the same thing over and over again there will always be that one band that manages to make the old a breath of fresh air, and Desaster is one such band.

“The Oath of an Iron Ritual” is exactly what the cover art makes it seem: a burning inferno that will carve the earth itself with its raw power and pure energy the likes of which you can find in many places, but not to the degree that Desaster achieves with this album. Mixing speed and ferocity with subtle melodies and guitars that switch between catchy riffs and pure bursts of speed that will only bring up more of the fiery depths of hell itself. And with a set of vocals that embody all that that blackened thrash could ever possibly offer they help tip the scales to really make “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” a truly raw piece of metal. The neat thing with this record that I always bring up and always appreciate in every album it occurs in is how the band in question manages to make both longer and shorter songs work despite their style, and Desaster definitely fit that exact bill with this album. When you bring all of that glorious mess together you get this pulsing mass of brutal blackened thrash that melts your goddamn face, ears, eyes, and brain (not exactly in that order). I wasn’t expecting much when I heard the currently released songs off of the record, but now that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the whole thing I can happily say it’s quite possibly the best piece of head banging material that this year as thrown at me yet, and I’m very happy about that.

A great piece of all the raw attitude and speed that you can possibly shove into one album and still have it sound awesome, Desaster have truly hit the nail on the head with this album. “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” is an album that upon release must be heard by any real metal fan out there who likes their music taken to the extreme, which happens to be the vast majority of us. I’m trying to tell all you people to check out this record because it’s the fucking awesome. Period.

“The Oath of an Iron Ritual” releases on April 8th!

PRE-ORDER “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” via iTunes here.

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