Sourvein – Aquatic Occult

Sourvein_-_Aquatic_Occult If you ask me, the quality of sludge metal bar a few exceptions has gone down in recent years. Not as many bands want to get as dirty as they used to and try to over refine their sound to were it’s hardly even sludge anymore. But one band that continues to have an excellent grip on that raw energy is Sourvein and their upcoming blasphemy from the sea of an album, “Aquatic Occult”, proves that these guys know sludge inside and fucking out down to the letter.

I’ve always been fascinated with any sort of music associated with the sea (i.e. pirate metal) so when I saw that cover art and then album title for this record I simply had to investigate. Initially I thought “Aquatic Occult” was an absolute mess, but after a few days and giving it some time I came back and listened to it once, twice, five times, and before I knew it I was jamming out to the album a fuck ton more. “Aquatic Occult” has a vicious, raw sound about it that persists through all 14 ridiculous tracks that stretch anywhere between less than a minute to a little over four minutes long, which perfectly demonstrates Sourvein’s flexibility as a band as both the longer and shorter songs sound fucking amazing all the way. The vocals have this savage feel that add a real crusty layer over riff filled guitars, rhythmic bass, and awesome drums that when all of them come together form this destructive piece of sludge and doom mixed with the saltiest salt in the ocean to create an album that is as sludge as you get, but not quite as doom as you can get but that’s perfectly fine as it’s still extremely high in quality but not quantity. And from the first riff I instantly felt a wave of nostalgia come over me as this somehow reminded me of the original days of metal where things were strange and different, which perfectly describes Sourvein in a nutshell, and “Aquatic Occult” is easily this bands crowning achievement after decades of hard work.

In a genre filled with bands not trying nearly hard enough to be awesome, Sourvein rise above the rest to create a record that is both stunning and game changing. “Aquatic Occult” is a trip to the briny depths that you will want to take over and over again, and on each journey you’ll find even more treasures to make you fall in love with this North Carolinian group.

“Aquatic Occult” releases on April 8th!

PRE-ORDER “Aquatic Occult” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Ocypuss” (feat. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God) via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Sourvein on Facebook here.



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