Exalter – Obituary for the Living

a1244202270_10 You know Slayer, I know Slayer, we all know Slayer. They’ve been doing virtually the same thing over the course of their legendary career, but frankly for some of us that sound got a little old as it did for me. Calling Exalter a Slayer copy would be an insult to the band as even though you can hear the influence Slayer has within “Obituary for the Living”, you can hear how Exalter are giving new life to a sound that has been done for literally decades.

From the first track to the last Exalter holds nothing back as “Obituary for the Living” is a piece of pure thrash that comes to do only two things: kick ass and melt faces. With speed on their side and a sound to rend the flesh right off of your bones, Exalter have done what many thrash bands of today fail to do time and again but these Bangladeshi gentlemen shows that they know the genre and how to do it right inside and out with their debut album alone. By the – oh. . . – second chorus of the first track your neck will be hurting from all the head banging you’ll be compelled into doing simply because of how purely awesome this record is in its entirety. Vicious vocals, unrelenting guitars, fiery bass, and a set of drums that’ll quake the earth itself all come together with “Obituary for the Living” to make it an extremely enjoyable thrash album the likes of which are very hard to come by anymore, especially in the underground scene and not even to mention from a country that’s not particularly known for it’s metal scene.

All seven tracks form together an experience that any sort of thrash fan will become immersed in within seconds, and stick with you for quite some time as Exalter have truly made a great piece of metal that is made for fans of the new, the old, and those who just want something to head bang to until their deaths. And, man, does “Obituary for the Living” deliver one hundred percent.

“Obituary for the Living” releases on April 15th!

LISTEN to the track “Sacrificial Immolation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Exalter on Facebook here.


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