a noend of mine – The Serenity’s Eve

The_Serenitys_Eve_Cover Kauan is probably the most interesting and unique band I’ve ever come across in my time as a metal head especially with their last album, “Sorni Nai”, being one of my favorite records of last year. So when I saw that two members of such a great band had begun a side project and recently released their debut I felt that I must check it out. And after listening to a noend of mine’s debut, “The Serenity’s Eve”, front to back at least six times it’s easy to see that these gentlemen are true musicians and consistently create beautiful music.

Much like Kauan (and I promise I won’t just compare the two (different beasts for different conversations)), a noend of mine are very atmospheric and use multiple instruments to give an experience that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. One odd quality about “The Serenity’s Eve” really sticks out if you’re actually paying attention: the lack of vocals. There are vocals, yes, and they’re fucking amazing, but they hardly ever show up allowing the guitars, bass, piano, drums, and even keyboards to do the real talking as they leave a mark on your psyche while your listening. The tone and flow of all eight tracks are prime for kicking back and immersing yourself in some music that I can’t really place in a specific genre, nor do I want to because “The Serenity’s Eve” is above any sort of official labeling which is something that not many bands are able to achieve with their sound alone. But when those vocals do happen to come around they really bring a serene feel to the music and adds a whole new layer to the music, and that’s typically what vocals do but it’s just made all the more interesting with this record as they’re not featured in every single song. And if you think that there’s no real flow between the songs then you’d be fucking wrong because going from one track to another is virtually seamless as “The Serenity’s Eve” feels like one long track with plenty of dips, changes in tempo and style, and an excellent flow that just make you want to put on a great set of head phones and get lost in the melodies of a noend of mine. And by the end of this piece I can just about guarantee you that if you like soft rock that has a magnificent sound and is absolutely hypnotizing that you will be clicking to replay the album faster than I was.

As a debut album – no – as an album overall, a noend of mine has hit the nail right on the fucking head with “The Serenity’s Eve”. This record is something that cannot be missed by anyone who likes gentle and flowing rock, and if you’re any sort of music fan then you will at least contemplating following a noend of mine closely as I will be from now on to see what kind of awesome shit they’re going to pull next.

LISTEN to “The Serenity’s Eve” on Bandcamp here.

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