WOM – From Abyss, Thy Wrath

a3594719135_10 Black metal can be so much, but it can also be so little. And by that last part I mean it can be extremely underwhelming when a band just doesn’t seem to even try to make a good album and decides to make a cookie cutter record which isn’t really fun for anybody. I almost thought that WOM (Winds of Mayhem) was such a band, but I quickly realized that could not be any further from the truth with this one man band’s brand new album “From Abyss, Thy Wrath”.

There isn’t much of a unique style going on within this album as it follows the general formula for black metal, but it’s not one of those cookie cutter albums that I mentioned before. “From Abyss, Thy Wrath” has a good overall sound throughout the likes of which that it’s not the same thing over and over again, but it’s not drastically different from what you had already been listening to which happens to be intricate guitars, a fast bass, vocals that sound like the death throes of a torture victim, and drums that pound away at your ears like there’s no tomorrow. The songs are also fairly lengthy and WOM does a very nice job of not dragging them out for too long, so the music never gets stale so the end result happens to be a piece of black metal that is very entertaining because all the good stuff that fans of the genre love come together once again into one cohesive album. There does seem to be room for improvement with this record, which is true for every record and the fact that WOM is a one man band should help that development process go smoother as the guy knows the sound he wants and he easily has the capability to fix what needs to be fixed just by hearing the grandeur of “From Abyss, Thy Wrath” itself. And for a sophomore full length, WOM definitely shows that he knows what he’s doing and that things will only continue to develop and change for the band just as any other, which to me is a very exciting thing.

“From Abyss, Thy Wrath” has issues, sure, but they’re very minor and after setting them aside it’s obvious to call this record very well done from just about every angle. WOM has shown with this piece that he knows the sound he wants, how to do it, and how to make it entertaining for listener – a key element that bands seem to lack but this one man has a cold hard grip on it for sure.

LISTEN to “From Abyss, Thy Wrath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE WOM on Facebook here.


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