Moonsorrow – Non Serviam (single)

91WE5cZXy4L._SL1500_ I’ve always, always been a fan of pagan metal because of how unique and interesting it always is to me, but the one band that I’ve never actually took time to listen to is Moonsorrow. These guys have been a huge band of their genre for years, and now that they’re on the brink of releasing a new album I thought it’d be a good time to investigate, and holy fuck does it look like I’m right for once.

Now any sharp eyed and keen metal fan might’ve noticed that “Non Serviam” is actually a Rotting Christ song, and you’d be right because Moonsorrow have covered that song for “Jumalten Aika” and as someone who thoroughly enjoys that song I can truly say that Moonsorrow did an excellent job of translating such a job to fit their style and sound. Going from extreme metal to pagan metal sounds fucking ridiculous, but seeing as Moonsorrow’s members are apparently huge Rotting Christ fans they did their damnedest to not butcher the song, and they’ve definitely succeeded. And after going through some of Moonsorrow’s albums for the first time right after listening to the cover, I can definitely feel the energy that Moonsorrow have maintained over past albums flow through “Non Serviam” as well as give it a fresh new sound that anyone like me who’s listened to the normal song a whole bunch can definitely say it’s well done and has a new breath of flesh life about it with this cover. The only thing that prevents me from saying that this cover gives me hope that “Jumalten Aika” will probably be a good record is that the cover is off of the bonus disc and of course this isn’t original material for Moonsorrow. However, I do think it’s interesting and possibly promising that Moonsorrow are brave enough to cover a song from a band that they supposedly revere so much, so maybe that’s a glance as to how ambitious and/or intriguing the full version of “Jumalten Aika” will be. Only time will tell, sadly.

All things considered and taken into account, Moonsorrow have hit the nail on the head with this cover and I’m more than interested in hearing what they’ll pull of with “Jumalten Aika” when it releases. Probably the only pagan metal album I’ve been excited about for years, Moonsorrow have truly showed that they are still a forced to be reckoned with.

“Jumalten Aika” releases on April 1st!

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