North – Light the Way

northlight I remember hearing the first single off of this album and having my mind absolutely blown at the unique style of what North had created. Now that the full album is out, we can all take in what “Light the Way” has to offer and it is simply stunning to say in the very least.

Just the very sound of a band making sludge metal atmospheric sounds like a mess and a failure out of being overly ambitious waiting to happen, doesn’t it? North somehow manage to pull off something as complex and intrinsic to where that over the course of 10 years and multiple albums they seem to have finally gotten a grip on the sound that they were going for with “Light the Way”. Each track starts off fairly slow but it’s only to be almost immediately followed by a slow increase in pace with the guitars really grinding along as the bass adds that extra kick that keeps you interested in listening as they have a good harmony alongside the drums that has a spot on rhythm that matches the rest of the band perfectly. Then there’s the vocals that are were the sludge metal part really pushes through, and they add an interesting texture to the music that as it grinds along the vocals help keep everything flowing where otherwise things would get boring really quick. Most of the tracks are also fairly lengthy as half of them are well over 5 minutes long, and unlike most bands North really utilizes the lengths of the tracks to their advantage to add more meat to the structure of the music as compared to other bands that would just have only three different beats over that course. No, North have the insight and knowledge to add more shit into more space to make for a much more enjoyable experience, and you can really feel that effect reverberate all throughout “Light the Way”.

So many things that come from having years of experience really shine in this album so it shows that North have learned over the years and made the end result something truly excellent. I can see these guys being the pioneers of a unique genre for metal, and I can’t wait to see if anyone else will be brave enough to follow in their steps and reach the same heights these guys have somehow reached in 10 years.

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