Outre-Tombe – Répurgation

00 When it comes down to it, there is a severe lack of bands nowadays that are able to duplicate the old school death metal sound and make it just as interesting. But with Outre-Tombe’s latest album, “Répurgation”, shows that these Canadians were definitely student of the old school and they are here to give us quality death metal the likes of which we rarely hear anymore.

Initially when I first listened to “Répurgation” I thought these guys were trying to be thrash metal which a some death metal-like vocals for a little bit of zest, but then I saw that they called themselves plain death metal so after a second listen I can definitely see that they are without a doubt more death oriented, but there’s plenty of speed to go around for it to go as a thrash piece as well. That being said, “Répurgation” is a good medium between the two and you can really feel the old school throughout the album especially with how harsh and unrelenting the vocals are for the record’s entirety. And with ten songs spread across 33 minutes, Outre-Tombe make this a very entertaining album because it really embodies all that was great about death metal in its hay day where there were no limitations or restrictions on the extremity and brutality that could go on within a single record, and you can definitely feel that intense energy all through “Répurgation”. The fast guitars, rhythmic drums, destructive bass, and monstrous vocals all come together for this album to make it one that really pulls off that sound that many of us have heard and potentially enjoyed that we almost never hear anymore because so many bands are do it half ass’d, but Outre-Tombe are truly a higher quality of modern old school death bands in today’s world which is a very welcome surprise.

A gem is always appreciated after innumerable hours of sifting through bands with bullshit albums that don’t really try anymore, but Outre-Tombe show that they aren’t that type of band because “Répurgation” is an album that you can hear the quality of the death metal so much that you can just about taste it. And it is oh so sweet.

LISTEN to “Répurgation” via YouTube below or here.

LIKE Outre-Tombe on Facebook here.

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