Mork – Den Vandrende Skygge

00 There has been a severe lack of “true kvlt” black metal in my life according to some people so I decided t set out and find something that fit that description that I enjoyed. Needless to say there were plenty of bands that didn’t really appeal to me, but one that really stuck out to me far more than any other is the Norwegian (how appropriate) band of Mork. They’re latest album, “Den Vandrende Skygge” which translates to “The Walking Shadow” is a trip of black metal that absolutely must be taken by any fan of the genre.

Just from looking at the cover art and the detail in the logo you can tell that “Den Vandrende Skygge” is a truly bleak and dark album that holds nothing back, and that assumption would be absolutely correct! From the vocals to the quality of the guitars you can feel the “true Norwegian” black metal feel sprinkled all over the record with the very theme being one that talks about the occult and nature every now and then just for a little change. What Mork does with “Den Vandrende Skygge” that makes it a little bit better than straight black metal is how there are subtle melodies that aren’t always coming from, for example, the guitars and drums at the same time. Instead, the melodies come from one part of the band at a time. Sometimes the guitars with an icy riff, sometimes the drums with an intriguing beat. Then there’s the vocals that don’t always or even really have the corresponding melody, but they have that raw, far off sound to them that make a good piece of black metal what it is. When you bring all of that stuff together you get a black metal record straight from the frigid woods of Norway that somehow has a little bit of composure and form to it despite what you might expect from a band as “kvlt” as this, and that makes “Den Vandrende Skygge” a fantastic record to behold in every which way.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this duo because I’ve been meaning to listen to them for years but never got around to it, and with this being their sophomore full length I couldn’t think of a better place to start. Take my advice and do not pass up listening to this excellent piece of black metal that I almost did, for you will regret it if you’re any sort of black metal fan out there.

LISTEN to “Den Vandrende Skygge” on Spotify here.

LIKE Mork on Facebook here.

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