Amon Amarth – Jomsviking

Amon_Amarth_-_Jomsviking In the world of metal, there are many bands out there that have made names for themselves in their own subcategories of the genre, and for melodic death metal the most famous group has to be without a doubt Amon Amarth. Time and again they have come out with at the moment nine full length albums in total that blew our minds every single time. While they may not have necessarily “improved” with every album, their fame has grown exponentially. With their upcoming 10th album “Jomsviking” coming out everyone has high hopes that this will be a monstrous record, and let me tell you from the bottom of my heart that no one, not a single fucking person, will be disappointed when this record drops for it is the best piece to come from these Swedes since “Twilight of the Thunder God”.

The one thing that Amon Amarth up to this point have never really done for making music is creating a concept album, which is exactly what “Jomsviking” is in its essence. It follows the legendary group of vikings for which the album is named after and the term “epic” does not even begin to encompass the full badassery that is locked within this album. All eleven songs mark the brutal stories that are normally associated with vikings such as (and not limited to) attacking your unsuspecting enemies at dawn, remembering the death of a fallen comrade, and returning to your former homeland to raze and pillage the wicked. These vicious accounts told by the monstrous vocals that we all know but with “Jomsviking” they seem to have reached a whole new peak not just in terms of melody but with an increased sense of destruction and even more impressive feel than what has been featured in previous albums. Then there’s the fantastic musicianship between the bass, guitars, and drums which all manage to really bring in the true scope of the story happening within “Jomsviking” at a break-neck pace, never ceasing to give your ears a moment’s rest as you go through the journeys of the titular mercenaries. All throughout the record there is not a single dull moment in terms of both a music experience and story telling where each song is another violent account of bloodthirsty vikings going through whatever perils of life that they may. By the end of this album you have been through multiple levels of hell, seen war unending, lost countless comrades, slaughtered your enemies, and went from a mere boy to a ferocious man which is all that we could ever want out of an Amon Amarth album, but “Jomsviking” cranks it up so many levels that before hearing this you would think it’d be impossible for these guys to get any better.

This is easily the best album that Amon Amarth has ever put out, and I know that’s saying a lot and I’ve no doubt many of you are skeptical when seeing a sentence like that. But please take my word for that when you finally hear “Jomsviking” your beard will grow an extra foot in length, you will feel like a viking yourself, and you will have been through one of the most excellent and best albums that has come out this year so far without a doubt. Amon Amarth have done the unthinkable with this record, and has propelled themselves even further into our hearts as not only one of the most renowned melodic death bands in the whole world, but one of the best bands of metal of all fucking time.

“Jomsviking” comes out on March 25th!

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