Ragehammer – The Hammer Doctrine

ragehammer-cover-artwork-1000x1000 As one who frequently visits the territory of blackened thrash, I can safely say that outside of any form of grind that this is one of the most intense and fastest forms of metal in the entire world, and many including myself fucking love it for that. But for as many good bands there’s at least three mediocre bands in the genre. So it may take a while to find a quality band such as Ragehammer here, but when you do that will only make the brutal metal all the more sweet to listen to.

After sifting through at least ten other blackened thrash albums looking for a real gem, I luckily stumbled upon Ragehammer’s upcoming debut full length “The Hammer Doctrine”. When I tell you that this is the best album that I’ve heard come from this genre in some time, I mean you need to sit your ass down with an awesome set of headphones, crank the volume all the way up, and head bang until you need neck surgery because “The Hammer Doctrine” is a real intense piece of metal that you aren’t going to want to miss. All nine tracks are jam packed with not only super fast guitars and a murderous bass that absolutely shreds through every song no matter how long, but also vocals that are the real part of where the “blackened” part seems to kick in but they aren’t as shrill or harsh as you might expect since they still seem to try and have a traditional thrash sound. But when all of those things come together this 40+ minute album really is a great piece of blackened thrash because it’s raw, got great speed, has an awesome theme that’s not anything along the lines of beer or the 80s, and just oozes the influence of awesome bands like Bathory and Sodom. And with influences like that and a result like this, it’s great to see that Ragehammer have a great idea at what the fuck their doing and “The Hammer Doctrine” is easily a ridiculous album that any fan of the genre will have to check out because it will only fuel your love for the genre even more much like it did for me.

Quick recap! Fast, intense, brutal, nothing held back for one second; everything needed for a great blackened thrash metal record. Ragehammer have proven themselves worthy of everyone’s attention. “The Hammer Doctrine” is a real face melting record that will have you returning so that you can head bang to a great new band over and over again.

“The Hammer Doctrine” releases on April 8th!

LISTEN to the track “Unleash the Dogs” from the album via SoundCloud here or below.


One thought on “Ragehammer – The Hammer Doctrine

  1. Hi I run the Canadian label HSP Underground and we have a couple new releases that we want you to review them and we can fix interviews too

    The bands are Outre-Tombe (Canandian old school death metal)- Répurgation (album), Atroce (Canadian occult blacken death metal)- In Obscuritas (album) and Mork’s second album, Den Vandrende Skygge (true norwegian black metal)

    So we are very interested to do these reviews and interviews. If you can tell me how it works and everythig

    Thanks for you time supporting the Underground Scene

    Best regards

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