Exalter – Sacrificial Immolation (single)

a1244202270_10 Too many thrash bands nowadays do no real effort with their music as they just try to be fast and not base their metal on something interesting and captivating, while also being fast. But as with most statements I say anymore, there’s always something to prove me wrong, and that first sentence is smacked down with Exalter’s single, “Sacrificial Immolation”, and in this case I’m oh so happy to be wrong once again.

All throughout you can hear the Slayer influence so much that you can just about taste it. And with that being said, Exalter don’t stray far from the traditional thrash metal formula we all know: fast, loud, intense, and not a shred of mercy left behind. Exalter has all that in plentiful amounts but their song, “Sacrificial Immolation”, off of their upcoming record “Obituary for the Living” shows that this Bangladeshi band know exactly what they’re doing as a thrash group. This four and a half minute song is a great little morsel of what I’m sure will be an extremely delicious album because this song has got the riffs, it has got the intense vocals, raw beat, and killer sound that every good thrash band out there has and uses to their utmost advantage. And if you couldn’t tell just by looking at that excellent cover art alone, Exalter isn’t planning on letting you finish the album and remain breathing (figuratively). I’m more than confident with saying that “Obituary for the Living” will be a fucking badass album in so many ways and that every thrash fans, myself naturally included, will want to sit down and have their brains seep out of their ears in joy because this record will have you hitting replay over and over again.

The Indian subcontinent is very known for its awesome metal scene for those of us who are lucky to be aware of it, and I’ve complete confidence that this will be the best metal record to come out of the country in over a month. I don’t make claims like that often so please take my word for it that when Exalter drops this album you are going to want to be a part of the experience.

“Obituary for the Living” comes out on April 15th!

LISTEN to “Sacrificial Immolation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Exalter on Facebook here.


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