Killswitch Engage – Incarnate

killswitchengageincarnatecover This is the kind of band that requires no introduction. These guys have become legends whether you call them metal or not and every one who pays attention has been waiting for their next big, ridiculous album. Many people thought they’re brand new piece “Incarnate” was going to be that record, and they were spot on point.

Of course, Killswitch Engage still managed to incorporate their original formula with “Incarnate” as that’s just them and even though it seems as if it would start to get a little boring at this point with all the albums they’ve pushed out, but with “Incarnate” things are faster, maybe even a little bit heavier than normally, and to me that’s just enough of a difference to make this record not the same thing that they’ve been doing over the last few albums. With a 53 minute run time and 15 fucking tracks (on the deluxe version, anyway), they really left no stone unturned with this album, but there’s not a whole lot of variety between all of those songs, but it doesn’t hurt the quality of “Incarnate” all that much so I can forgive them for that. As I said, though, this is a faster record than what they’ve put out before and that is one of those small things that bands do that really can make a difference be it negative or positive. In this case it was very positive because it was one factor that helped make this Killswitch Engage’s most interesting album that they’ve put out for some time in my opinion and goes to show that even with the same kind of vocals, guitars, drums, style, and all that bullshit that they can still make quality music that keeps them at their place at the top of the metalcore genre.

Many people including myself thought that “Disarm the Descent” was probably going to be the best of this band that we were going to get for a few records, but I’m happy to say that I was proven wrong once again. They show that they still aren’t anyway near throwing in the towel and stopping, and “Incarnate” is as sweet as any album that they’ve put out before, and as a fan that fills me with an absolute shit ton of happiness.

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