Forfeit Thee Untrue – Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam

FTU Cover iTunes Religion permeates our society no matter the culture in an absolute multitude of ways whether you like it or not, and one of those many things includes metal music with Christian metal being pretty prominent despite its relatively small fan base. But there’s always, like most things, a real gem among the rest, and one gem for Christian metal is Forfeit Thee Untrue’s upcoming “Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam”.

Talk about lengthy titles, right? I’m not even gonna try to decipher what that title means but Jesus is it in so you know it has something to do with religion, and that is totally evident with this album. Whether the band is being pro-religion or anti-religion isn’t clear to me nor do I give half a shit about it because “Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” is in its entirety and very enjoyable album that can only be described as organic. By that I mean it has its own feel and isn’t the same thing over and over again. Forfeit Thee Untrue manages to implement different metal styles wrapped around a Christian metal theme and the innards include but aren’t necessarily limited to death, metalcore, and a teeny little bit of nu metal for extra spice. And while that all sounds like a mess, Forfeit Thee Untrue really manages to make it sound cohesive and make their pretty lengthy tracks that can reach well over five minutes have so much awesome stuff crammed up inside of them that they don’t feel nearly as long as they really are which is an odd way of putting it but it is what it is. Everything from the vocals to the style of the guitars to the overall feel of the music itself never stays the same for too long so that gives this record a fresh feel every so often, which is something most bands fail to pull off but these guys know what they’re doing and the end result is this killer of an album.

“Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” is the easily the best album of its genre that I’ve heard in forever, and what’s awesome is how the music doesn’t need to rely on the theme or anything like that to sound great. It stands on its own and that’s one of the many things that makes Forfeit Thee Untrue a force to be reckoned with.

“Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam” releases on April 1st!

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One thought on “Forfeit Thee Untrue – Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam

  1. it only shows how great our Lord is to take everyday normal people who refuse to be discourage by those haters of metal music and not to even to mention Christian metal. if this band can make such a huge difference in the face of diversity then why cant we all in our everyday living. cant wait for the album launch. all i can say is Jesus is mighty and can live in any music. so to in Christian metal. keep on making a difference by just being FTU.

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