Aggelos – Silentium

Aggelos re do girl With the many different subcategories of metal out there in the world, everyone is bound to not particularly enjoy a few. For me one is gothic metal simply because it just seems bland compared to what else you can do with metal, but Aggelos is the first band of its genre that’s really earned my attention because they’re upcoming album “Silentium” has a unique sound that you just don’t hear every day.

All eight tracks off of “Silentium” have their own individual feel with having their own twist on metal that is as interesting as you can pretty much get. Aggelos has the flexibility and creativity to have three different sets of vocals: a set of growls, another that’s more melodic and smooth, and one more than sound like an opera singer but without the long drawn out lyrics and instead are quicker and add a great feel to the metal that was already pretty nice to begin with. The guitars have a great rhythm alongside the bass that provide a real kick to “Silentium” which is where the actual metal comes from, and then add in the awesome beat that the drums bring in it just turns the record into a really well made piece of music that is both intuitive and creative. And as I said, gothic metal isn’t my favorite kind but “Silentium” is just so dynamic and unique that is makes me want to sit down and listen to what this genre really has to offer, which is a feeling I sadly rarely ever get so the fact that Aggelos managed to do that for me says a lot. And I can pretty much promise you that if you have an open mind and aren’t afraid to listen to new shit, then “Silentium” will definitely have to be on your list of must haves when it releases.

Definitely one of the more unique albums that I;ve had the pleasure of hearing lately, Aggelos show with their second full length album and the first full length in five years that they are a band that is made for a niche crowd and they have found a great spot to be in as their metal is awesome metal no matter how you look at it. And if you don’t like the direction this group has taken metal, then you can at least appreciate the innovation that is featured within “Silentium”.

“Silentium” releases on March 11th!

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