Enemies – Negative Mental Attitude

a1595385080_10 Anything with the word “core” attached to it in the world of metal music is almost instantly shot down because of how many people feel about metalcore and deathcore, but so many forget about hardcore. A more metal version of hardcore would be my explanation of it. It still retains the raw anger and raging fury that is found within punk however, and I feel there’s no band that captures that better than Enemies.

With all that stuff that I just said being said, hardcore literally can be just screaming. That’s basically what this is. Now wait, calm your tits, I know – “is he shitting on the thing that he just complimented on?” Yes, I am, and the reason for that is is because it’s true. Enemies’ newest EP “Negative Mental Attitude” wastes no time and introduces you to the screaming that is just unrelenting in all the right ways as it has the raw feel to it but is subtlety composed to really please the ears of any person who listens to intense music on a daily basis. And much like punk, this album is very fast and wastes no time with the run times ranging from just below 90 seconds to a little over four minutes long, but only four tracks are to be found off of “Negative Mental Attitude”. It must have something to do with this being the first of a three album project Enemies is doing this year, so that means there’s only more in store for anyone who sticks around, and judging from the quality of this record alone I say that would be an excellent idea. Everything from the raw vocals, brutally fast guitars and bass, and chaotic drums all come together to form this massively explosive album that follows the phrase “no holding back” down to the letter, and it is a solid piece because of that. Granted, I’m not enthralled or made a big fan of Enemies with this record alone but I see definite potential in these guys and that makes me want to stick around more than anything else.

This isn’t my favorite type of metal, nor a “great” album in my eyes as I said, but as a music lover I am intrigued with where Enemies is going with this little project of theirs. If you’re any sort of hardcore or punk fan then you will find your home with this record for sure, and if you’re not then take the leap of faith I did and see if you find the same sense of interest that I acquired.

LISTEN to “Negative Mental Attitude” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Enemies on Facebook here.


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