Erudite Stoner (self-titled)

a2939631523_10 One of the best things about loving metal and not being an elitist is that I can listen to whatever the fuck I want without thinking “this isn’t brutal enough”, “not kvlt enough”, or “Slayer for life” in some way. So it’s fun for me to listen to other music that is infinitely more chill and just laid back music. Erudite Stoner’s self-titled album is one such piece, and it is oh so good to have this type of calm amongst the chaotic madness.

The most obvious thing about this record is the fact that this purely instrumental, and that adds a whole new dimension to the music because it can literally have any meaning or feel you want to imagine. For me however, I just love the flow of the single guitar that does the music for this album as the one man behind Erudite Stoner shows the awesome ability to create a hypnotic sound to where you can’t stop listening until you kick back and just enjoy the 33 minute trip that is this record. All nine tracks have an excellent feel and sound to them that truly do make you want to hear the next track as soon as one ends which is something that many bands cease to accomplish, not to mention instrumental bands. There’s nothing overly fancy about this record either which is good because it makes for even better music to lay back to as you don’t have to worry about any fancy fucking solos or overly complicated sounding guitars. Just smooth, flowing guitars that are immensely entertaining.

Of all the albums of last year that I never heard sooner, I’m glad I was able to hear something like this at all rather than not at all. Erudite Stoner have shown that this band is beyond promising, and any rock fan who is fortunate to hear this record will know what I mean.

LISTEN to “Erudite Stoner” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Erudite Stoner on Facebook here.

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