Metal Massacre 14

Metal_Massacre_14 I’ve always been a fan of compilations that bring together underground bands because it gives those bands some well deserved exposure from all sorts of styles that really catch your attention by the first riff. And there is no better compilation to do just that than Metal Massacre which has been around since fucking 1982. The latest addition to the series doesn’t have the most modern sounding tracks, but it has not lost any bit of its touch throughout the years.

Featuring ten recent songs from extraordinary underground bands, “Metal Massacre 14” is an excellent trip amongst relatively unknown metal bands that have without a doubt proven their worth to be on this compilation. And to me it’s very cool to see some bands that I love on this record including Noctum with their “Until Then… Until the End” and (to my surprise) Crypt Sermon’s “Will of the Ancient Call” which came off of one of my favorite albums of last year. But there is an otherwise great selection featured within “Metal Massacre 14” with bands like Metalian, Assassin’s Blade, and Stone Dagger gaining my attention and interest as before hearing this I’ve never heard them before, which shows that this compilation is already doing part of its job! It also shows how healthy and rich the world of underground metal is, as if we didn’t already know, and it shows that the talent isn’t just with the huge bands that can be a full time band easily with throngs of fans. This compilation shows the best of the best underdogs of metal and how they kick ass in their own way from doom to thrash to old school heavy metal.

It’s as if someone made a playlist that shows the essentials of bands who don’t get put into the spotlight a lot if at all, and “Metal Massacre 14” has given them the attention they deserve which to me is a beautiful, beautiful thing. If you have been wondering all the delicious bits of metal that you missed in recent memory, then “Metal Massacre 14” is a compilation that you cannot pass up.

“Metal Massacre 14” releases on April 8th!

PRE-ORDER “Metal Massacre 14” via iTunes here.

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