Yakima – Burn (single)

12717218_583739108444303_2473817564616881063_n Rock has always been  the territory of those who helped me get into like my dad. He still listens to all sorts of rock music from hard rock to blues, and I love it because he’s like me with metal but with rock instead. But I always like listening to the calmer side of rock as it provides great contrast to the other shit I listen to, and if it’s good then all the better! Yakima’s newest single, “Burn”, off of their upcoming third EP meets both of those requirements perfectly.

You really don’t need a whole lot of time to make a song interesting as a lot of times a shorter track can mean more good shit packed in a smaller amount of time, and that definitely rings true with “Burn”. With a mellow track that really makes you want to kick back and relax to the tunes, this three and a half minute track show that Yakima have a good grasp on the idea of what it takes to create a piece of rock that is both enticing and enjoyable. Not once during “Burn” did I think that the smooth vocals were losing their touch, the guitars were becoming lackluster alongside the groovy bass, or the drums lost their well kept tempo. Keeping the listener actually listening is obviously the goal of any band, and Yakima honestly hit the nail right on the head with “Burn” because it is just about everything anyone could want out of a calm rock song. A good pace, excellent feel to it, and a catchy rhythm; “Burn” truly does Yakima justice in every sense of the turn.

As a rock fan, I can honestly say that I’d be more than interested in hearing Yakima’s upcoming self-titled EP because “Burn” is an excellent song and I would just love to see how else Yakima thinks with rock music. Plenty of potential to be had, I suggest keeping a sharp eye out for Yakima.

“Yakima” releases on March 15th!

LISTEN to “Burn” on SoundCloud here.

LIKE Yakima on Facebook here.


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