Criminal – Fear Itself

Criminal_-_Fear_Itself The last time I’ve heard some truly good thrashy death metal would have to be Biotoxic Warfare’s album that came out last year, but other than that gem nothing truly of note has come across my ears. Until now, of course. Criminal has escaped my attention for some time, but their upcoming album “Fear Itself” is a true piece of head-banging material that is not one to be missed by any sort of fan of metal.

Sticking to true thrash fashion, the vast majority of “Fear Itself” consists of tracks that are less than four minutes long which promise nothing less than a fast paced experience that will fill you with such energy that you will want to punch the next prick you see in the damn face. That’s the thrash, however, and the death comes in with the vocals are it normally does with death-thrash. And if you’re going to think that the vocals are lacking or don’t fit very well, then shut your goddamn face because if anything they make “Fear Itself” all the more savory, delicious, and a mouth watering piece for true metal fans everywhere. The raw feel of the album and intensity that the thrash adds to it is perfectly captured by that awesome cover art as well because what’s happening to that bastard will happen to you: melt apart one way or another, but you will be enjoying every moment of it. My favorite thing about “Fear Itself” has to be the longest track which goes a little over five minutes because it shows that Criminal has the capability to make longer songs and make them sound as ridiculously good as the shorter ones, and that’s a talent that I never let go unnoticed because it is highly under appreciated if you ask me. And with fucking twelve tracks included in this monstrous album, Criminal have given us more than enough awesomeness to keep us satisfied for quiet some time, and that’s not even mentioning how you’ll keep finding yourself coming back to listen to it a second time, third, tenth, twentieth, hundredth, infinity-eth.

If you even think the words “I like thrash” or “I’m into death/thrash” then I expect you to sit your little ass down and listen to “Fear Itself” front to back more than twice when it drops. It is an absolutely mammoth album that cannot be missed and is something that deserves to be heard by everyone.

“Fear Itself” releases on March 11th!

PRE-ORDER “Fear Itself” via iTunes here.

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